Can't Hold On Forever is a song by Laura Marano and is set to appear on her Untitled Debut Album.


The song was first heard when a demo of the song was played at Marano's Meet & Greet event at the Big Machine store on June 11, 2016.[1] Unbeknownst to Marano, the demo was also played on Big Machine Radio the same day. From there it was recorded and posted online along with a few other songs, "Lala" and "Hot Mess."[2] She tweeted fans on Twitter explaining that the songs were not done yet. Marano immediately had the recordings posted online taken down. However, a few clips of the songs remain on Twitter and YouTube.



Trivia Edit

  • Two previews of the song were posted on Twitter which you can listen to here and here.
  • One preview of the song was kept on YouTube on a channel that claims to be owned by Marano but has not been confirmed. The video can be seen here.

References Edit

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